Model Developer

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A Model Developer is a person contributing to the transposition of an Abstract Risk Model and is Model Specification into computer code. The role is generic and in practice there are specializations linked to specific risk types such as Credit Risk Modeller or Market Risk Modeller.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Key Activities of a model developer involve:

  • Sourcing internal or external Risk Data and other data that will become the basis for the developed tools
  • Developing and testing risk models


Essential Skills and Competences

Description of the abilities, proficiencies, know-hows, skills the a model developer must *demonstrably* possess in order to carry out the model development responsibilities. May include any subset of the following:

  • Technical Skills: programming languages and other information technology tools
  • General Skills: ability to communicate technical matters with clarity, both verbally and in writing


  • statistical and probabilistic concepts relevant for model development
  • business context and domain knowledge
  • risk management concepts and knowledge base, including Model Risk

Semantic Data

  • The ESCO Code to which this job best corresponds to (as the most detailed leaf of the tree)


Required Category:

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