EBA NPL Counterparty Group Table

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Table Fields

Field Type Definition
Counterparty Group Identifier Text Institution's internal identifier for the Counterparty Group. Where Counterparty Group is defined as a group of related Counterparties
Name of Counterparty Group Text Name used to refer to the Counterparty Group
Industry Segment of Counterparty Group Choice Industry in which the Counterparty Group mainly operates
Name of Sponsor Text Name used to refer to the main decision maker / key individual in relation to the Counterparty Group
Type of Sponsor Choice Type of entity the sponsor is i.e. Listed Corporate, Unlisted Corporate, Listed Fund, Unlisted Fund and High Net Worth Individual
Description of Sponsor Text Description and related narrative on the Sponsor
Cross Default in Counterparty Group Choice The indicator as to whether Contractual breach of any loans in the Counterparty Group would trigger the contractual default event of the other loans. ("Full", "Partial", "none")
Description of Cross Default Text Description of cross default when "Partial" is selected in field "Cross Default in Borrower Group"
Cross Collateralisation in Counterparty Group Choice Indicator as to whether all / some of the loans in the Counterparty Group are secured by all / some of the collaterals within the Counterparty Group ("Full", "Partial", "None")
Description of Cross Collateralisation Text Description of cross collateralisation when "Partial" is selected in field "Cross Collateralisation in Borrower Group"


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