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Definition of Counterparty / Occupation Description

Counterparty.Occupation Description: Description of the occupation of the Private Individual Counterparty, providing more detail for field "Occupation Type"

  • EBA Field Index 3.021
  • Documentation Entry 34


"Occupation Description" is a description of the occupation of the Private Individual Counterparty, which provides more detail for the field "Occupation Type".

Field Characteristics

The field type is Text.

The field's importance for the Loan Tape is Moderate.

The field belongs to the EBA NPL Counterparty Table.

The field applies to 4 of the 7 EBA NPL Asset Classes. It does not apply to Commercial Real Estate Loans, SME/Corporate Loans, Leasing / Asset Backed Finance,

The field applies to borrower type: Private Individual.

The field is Not Confidential


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