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EBA NPL.Counterparty Group.Counterparty Group Identifier +Identifier  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty Group.Cross Collateralisation in Counterparty Group +Critical  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty Group.Cross Default in Counterparty Group +Important  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty Group.Description of Cross Collateralisation +Important  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty Group.Description of Cross Default +Important  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty Group.Description of Sponsor +Moderate  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty Group.Industry Segment of Counterparty Group +Important  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty Group.Name of Counterparty Group +Moderate  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty Group.Name of Sponsor +Moderate  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty Group.Type of Sponsor +Important  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Additional Name of InsolvencyorRestructuring Proceedings +Critical  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Additional Stage Reached in InsolvencyorRestructuring procedure +Critical  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Address of Registered Location +Important  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Address of Residence +Moderate  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Annual EBIT +Important  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Annual Income +Moderate  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Annual Revenue +Important  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Basis of Financial Statements +Important  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Business Description +Important  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Cash and Cash Equivalent Items +Important  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.City of Registered Location +Important  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.City of Residence +Important  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Commencement Date of Insolvency or Restructuring Proceedings +Critical  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Comments on Other Litigation Related Process +Critical  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Contingent Obligations +Important  +