Data Usage Taxonomy

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A Data Usage Taxonomy is a classification of distinct purposes (and their characteristics) behind Data Processing activities. Such purposes acquire special significance in the context of Data Privacy and Data Privacy Risk linked to Personal Data.

Academic Research conduct or assist with research conducted in an academic context e.g. within universities
Access Control conduct or enforce access control
Advertising Advertising is a subset of Marketing. Advertising by itself does not indicate 'personalisation' i.e. personalised ads.
Commercial Interest carry out activities with a commercial interest i.e. of profit or benefit to the Data Controller
Commercial Research conduct research in a commercial setting e.g. in a company
Communication for Customer Care communicate with users via email, phone, sms, chat or push messages regarding your requests.
Create Event Recommendations create and provide personalised recommendations for events
Create Personalized Recommendations create and provide personalised recommendations
Create Product Recommendations create product recommendations e.g. suggest similar products
Customer Care provide assistance for customer complaints and satisfaction
Delivery of Goods deliver goods and services
Direct Marketing carry out direct marketing i.e. marketing communicated directly to the individual
Fraud Prevention and Detection detect and prevent fraud
Identity Verification verify and authorise identity
Improve Existing Products and Services improve existing products and services
Improve Internal CRM Processes improve customer-relationship management (CRM) processes
Increase Service Robustness improve the robustness and resilience of services
Internal Resource Optimisation optimise internal resources used by the organisation e.g. resource usage
Legal Compliance fulfill obligations or requirements towards achieving compliance with law or regulations.
Marketing carry out marketing i.e. promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service
Non-Commercial Research conduct research in a non-commercial setting e.g. for a non-profit-organisation (NGO)
Optimisation for Consumer optimise activities and services for the consumer or user
Optimisation for Controller optimise activities and services for the Data Controller
Optimise User Interface optimise interfaces presented to the user
Payment process users’ payment transactions.
Personalised Advertising provide personalised advertising
Personalised Benefits personalise benefits received by the user
Registration and Authentication register, authenticate, and identify in context of a service.
Requested Service Provision
Research and Development conduct research and development for new methods, products, or services
Security ensure and enforce security e.g. of data
Sell Data to Third Parties sell data or information to third parties
Sell Insights from Data sell or commercially provide insights obtained from analysis of data
Sell Products to Data Subject sell products or services
Sell Targetted Advertisements sell or provide targetted advertisements
Service Optimization optimise service or activity
Service Personalization personalise service or activity
Service Provision provide service or activity
Social Media market through and on social media.
Analytics calculate, analyse, and report user behaviour and events for a service or product.
User Interface Personalisation personalise interfaces presented to the user

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