Data Processing

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Data Processing denotes the set of automated or manual operations that an organization may perform on its material digital data flows. It comprises of activities such as:

  • Data Sourcing (also Data Collection)
  • Data Storage (persistence of data in databases)
  • Data Validation
  • Data Migration
  • Data Use

ECB TRIM Requirements

Data Processing in regulated financial institutions is subject to specific requirements[1] in particular with regard to manual interventions and data transfers:

  • Ensuring that all data transformations are traceable and controlled. General guidelines and rules should be clearly formalised with regard to manual interventions within the data processing;
  • Ensuring timeliness and Accountability. All data transfers should be formally agreed upon (for example by means of service-level agreements) by data providers and data users (for both outsourced and in-house processes).


  1. ECB guide to internal models - Credit Risk, Sep 2018

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