Business Continuity Guidelines

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Business Continuity Guidelines

A set of high level Business Continuity guidelines in support of effective Business Continuity Management. Based on a compilation of regulatory material [1], [2], [3], [4]

NB: Use the resources in the Business Continuty category (and thematic sub-categories) to validate, benchmark or challenge any internal plans and procedures. Always give precedence to formal rules, regulations and/or guidance around business continuity as it applies to specific sectors and/or jurisdictions

Guideline Outline Category
Management Responsibility An organisation’s management is collectively responsible for ensuring Business Continuity before, during and after a Business Disruption. Business Continuity Management articulates these responsibilities and fleshes them out in concrete roles. Business Continuity Management
Impact Analysis Business Impact Analysis undertakes to assess risk (likelihood and impact) of a Major Operational Disruption to the operations of the organization, in support of its Business Continuity Planning Business Impact Analysis
Continuity Plan A formal, agreed, documented, implemented, tested and regularly reviewed and audited Business Continuity Plan Business Continuity Plan
Recovery Strategy Setting out recovery objectives and priorities under various contingencies Business Recovery Strategy
Testing and Validation Activities that aim to assess the suitability of a Business Continuity Plan and associated Business Recovery Strategy Business Continuity Testing
Training and Awareness Increasing organizational awareness on all relevant aspects of the Business Continuity Plan Business Continuity Training
Communication Ensuring effective communications within the organization and with its key stakeholders both internally and externally Business Continuity Communications

See Also


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