Business Impact Analysis

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Business Impact Analysis is a component of Business Continuity Management. Business impact analysis is the process of identifying and measuring (quantitatively and qualitatively) the business impact or loss of business processes in the event of a Business Disruption. A process of analyzing activities and the effect that a business disruption might have on them.


Business Impact Analysis is a dynamic process for identifying

  • Exposure
  • critical operations and services
  • essential staff
  • key internal and external dependencies
  • recovery priorities
  • recovery resource requirements
  • appropriate resilience levels


Business impact analysis is a form of Risk Analysis. The focus is on Operational Risk, whereby known risk factors and risk types are analysed:




Through the Business Impact Analysis plan an organization assesses the risks and potential impact of various disruption scenarios on an organisation’s operations and reputation and shapes a Business Continuity Plan[1]

See Also


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