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Management Company. Any investment company that sells and manages a portfolio of securities other than a face-amount certificate company or unit investment fund.


  • Management companies allow investors to pool their capital with that of other investors in order to purchase professionally-managed groups of diversified securities.
  • A management Company is a Legal Entity that participates, jointly with the Custodian, in the establishment of the Issuer of securitised notes


The Management Company represents the Issuer towards third parties and in any legal proceedings, whether as plaintiff or defendant, and is responsible for the management and operation of the Issuer. Subject to supervision the Management Company may take steps which it deems necessary or desirable to protect the Issuer’s rights in, to and under the Transferred Receivables. The Management Company shall be bound to act at all times in the best interest of Noteholders.

Other responsibilities of the Management company include

  • representing the Issue in purchasing assets
  • managing Issuer Bank Accounts
  • calculating amounts (Calculation Agent)
  • managing Issuer Available Cash investment
  • preparing required reports to investors
  • deciding on Issuer liquidation



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