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Issuer. Any party who issues (or proposes to issue, in a formal filing) any financial instrument, where a party can be a natural person, company, government, or political subdivision, agency, or instrumentality of a government.

The Issuer of a Securitization is a Special Purpose Entity that is setup for the explicit purpose of owning the assets of the securitisation portfolio and transmitting cash flows from those assets to the issued liabilities


With respect to certificates of deposit for securities, voting-trust certificates, or collateral- trust certificates, or with respect to certificates of interest or shares in an unincorporated investment trust not having a board of directors or of the fixed, restricted management, or unit type, the term issuer means the person or persons performing the acts and assuming the duties of depositor or manager pursuant to the provisions of the trust or other agreement or instrument under which such securities are issued; and except that with respect to equipment-trust certificates or like securities, the term issuer means the person by whom the equipment or property is, or is to be, used.


The precise legal nature of the issuer depends on the applicable legal framework

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  • Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended 12 August 2012


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