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Document. An information deliverable created in the course of some business process, and with some lifecycle independent of its use to communicate the information therein.

A set of interrelated Business Information representing the business facts and associated metadata. The information may be conveyed in any language, medium or form, including textual, numerical, graphic, cartographic, audio-visual forms, etc.

Documents are usually in sections and contain a multiplicity of information, generally on a given subject and for a given audience. In particular, documents generally have parts.

The term is defined so that parts of documents may be defined. This is a difficult concept to define, but there is some value in distinguishing information of this type from memoranda, reports. In particular for the identification of objects such as contracts, prospectuses and the like, as distinct from the elements of information which may make up their parts, and allowing for the possibility of these having different status at different times and so on (Draft document versus Formal Document). However, certain other objects (e.g. Report) may also be considered documents in some cases.