CPV Class 45-2-5 - Construction Works For Plants, Mining And Manufacturing And For Buildings Relating To The Oil And Gas Industry

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The Common Procurement Vocabulary Class 45-2-5 concerns construction works for plants, mining and manufacturing and for buildings relating to the oil and gas industry.


This CPV Class contains the following CPV Categories:

Category Code Description
CPV Category 45-2-5-1 Construction works for power plants and heating plants
CPV Category 45-2-5-2 Construction works for sewage treatment plants, purification plants and refuse incineration plants
CPV Category 45-2-5-3 Construction work for chemical-processing plant
CPV Category 45-2-5-4 Construction work for mining and manufacturing
CPV Category 45-2-5-5 Construction work for the oil and gas industry
CPV Category 45-2-5-9 Repair and maintenance of plant