Open Source Mobile Finance Apps

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List of Open Source Mobile Finance Apps

A list of open source mobile applications offering finance functionality on the go. The list is a selection compiled from the Money Category of the F-Droid server. Additional information is fetched from the repos. The categorization is by inspection of documentation and may be approximate.


The list of Open Source Mobile Finance Apps is provided as-is without ANY implied endorsement or validation of the suitability, originality, accuracy or completeness of said resources for any purpose. Use at your own risk.

App / Webpage Category Description License / Repo Language
Invoice Ninja Accounting / Invoicing Invoice Ninja client built with Flutter AAL Dart
Smart Receipts Plus Accounting / Invoicing A customizable, easy-to-use receipt scanner for Android AGPL-3.0-only Java
cone Accounting / Invoicing A ledger. GPL-3.0-only Dart
Subz Accounting / Invoicing Subscription and contract management app for Android MIT
Bankdroid Banking A swedish banking application for your Android device. Apache-2.0 Java
Bankomat Card Infos Banking Android NFC app for reading some infos from Austrian Bankomat Cards (Maestro banking cards). GPL-3.0-only Java
Rental Calc Calculator Analyze real estate rentals GPL-3.0-or-later Java
Silectric Calculator An Android app to calculate electric bill based on electric consumption in home. Apache-2.0 Java
Inflation Calculator Calculator Android inflation calculator MIT Kotlin
Car Report Calculator This is an android app which takes your car costs and presents them in nice reports. Apache-2.0
Food Scale Droid Calculator An OpenSource App to help you when you go to the market to buy some fruits, nuts or anything else that you have to scale it GPL-3.0-only
Voucher Calc Calculator A simple tool to help you calculate how many vouchers with a fixed value you need to get to a given price GPL-3.0-only
Currency Currency Conversion Android currency conversion GPL-3.0-only Java
Currencies Currency Conversion An exchange rates currency converter for Android GPL-3.0-or-later Kotlin
YARC Currency Conversion Yet Another Rate Converter GPL-3.0-only
GnuCash Expense Manager Gnucash for Android mobile companion application. Apache-2.0 Java
MyExpenses Expense Manager GPL licenced Android Expense Tracking App GPL-3.0-only Java
Money Manager Ex Expense Manager Android version of Money Manager Ex GPL-3.0-or-later Java
MoneyWallet Expense Manager An android application that let you track your expenses GPL-3.0-only Java
Photuris III Expense Manager Mobile Application for Firefly III written in Kotlin GPL-3.0-or-later Kotlin
Budget Watch Expense Manager Application for personal budget management GPL-3.0-or-later Java
Budget Expense Manager An Android app for managing money. GPL-3.0-or-later Java
Pro Expense Expense Manager A simple free finance note to safely record daily expenses GPL-3.0-or-later Kotlin
MoneyBalance Expense Manager Android-based calculator for tracking and balancing expenses Apache-2.0 Java
piggybudget Expense Manager Android app that helps you to easily track your expenses GPL-3.0-only TypeScript
Simple Accounting Expense Manager Android app that helps you balance GPL-3.0-only Java
Finance Manager Expense Manager The Privacy Friendly Finance Manager can be used to monitor and manage personal financials. GPL-3.0-or-later Java
Money Tracker Expense Manager Personal accounting application. MIT Java
WalletCount Expense Manager A money management app for your wallet. GPL-3.0-only Java
Simple Money Tracker Expense Manager A simple personal accounting app MIT Java
MoneyBuster Expense Manager Android client for Nextcloud Cospend and IHateMoney shared budget management systems GPL-3.0-or-later
OpenMoneyBox Expense Manager OpenMoneyBox is an application designed to manage small personal money budgets in the easiest way. GPL-3.0-only
TripleCamel Price Comparison Android app to check Amazon price history with CamelCamelCamel GPL-3.0-only Java
Price Per Unit Price Comparison An Android app that helps you compare prices of similar products Apache-2.0 Java
Shop with mom Price Comparison Application to compare and shop for items GPL-3.0-only Kotlin
Precio Luz Price Comparison Información detallada por horas sobre el precio de la electricidad en España (PVPC) para una gestión eficiente del consumo de electricidad GPL-3.0-or-later Dart
Repay Sharing / Debt Tracking Repay for Android Apache-2.0 Java
Tricky Tripper Sharing / Debt Tracking Tricky Tripper is an offline-compatible utility for managing travel expenses. Apache-2.0 Java
Loaned Sharing / Debt Tracking Loaned for Android Apache-2.0 Java
Split It Easy Sharing / Debt Tracking Android app to split bills with your friends easily and find out "Who owes whom and how much?" MIT Java
SplitBills Sharing / Debt Tracking A app to manage expenses decentrally GPL-3.0-or-later
Who Has My Stuff? Sharing / Debt Tracking Android app to keep track of lent things GPL-3.0-only
Catima Various Catima, a Loyalty Card & Ticket Manager for Android GPL-3.0-or-later Java
Gift Card Guard Various Manage gift cards, their current values, and an image of the most recent receipt GPL-3.0-or-later Java
Ministocks Various Android Stocks Widget MIT Java
Just Craigslist Various A simple Craigslist app for viewing what is for sale. Apache-2.0
EBT New Note Various Tracking Euro notes GPL-2.0-only Java