Long-Term Low Emission Development Strategy

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Long-Term Low Emission Development Strategy (LT-LEDS) is a long-term strategy officially communicate by countries to the UNFCCC.[1]

Under the Paris Agreement, countries are invited to communicate long-term strategies (LTS) for emissions reductions that envision a whole-of-society transformation over several decades, usually up to 2050.

LTS documents align to the long-term objectives of limiting global warming and achieving net-zero by 2050. Long-term strategies provide a long-term vision that gives coherence and direction to shorter-term national climate pledges like the NDCs. They guide countries to pursue low-carbon development and prevent fossil fuel-intensive investments, demonstrating the socio-economic benefits of the green transition. They boost innovation and can help drive investment in low-carbon solutions and sustainable infrastructure. And they help facilitate and promote just and equitable transitions for the people who are most affected, making sure that climate solutions are fair and inclusive.