Emission Factor Database

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Emission Factor Database (EFDB). The EFDB is a continuously revised web-based information exchange forum for EFs and other parameters relevant for the estimation of emissions or removals of GHGs at national level.


The overall objective of the EFDB is to be an always up-to-date companion for the IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventory that is seen as a worldwide resource for greenhouse gas inventory developers. The EFDB targets a variety of users, in particular the inventory compilers of the Parties to the UNFCCC, with current and well-documented emission factors and other parameters, as well as to establish a communication platform for distributing and commenting on new research and measurement data.

The platform aims to provide an efficient means for experts and researchers to disseminate new emission factors or other parameters in a timely manner to a worldwide audience of potential end users. The EFDB is meant to be a recognised data repository where users can find emission factors and other parameters with background documentation or technical references.

EFDB Structure

The database structure is in the form of a long database table (~17K entries, one per emissions factor). For each emissions factor the following data are provided:

  • EF ID
  • IPCC Categories
  • Gases
  • Fuel
  • Type of parameter
  • Description
  • Technologies/Practices
  • Parameters/Conditions
  • Region/Regional Conditions
  • Abatement/Control Technologies
  • Other properties
  • Value
  • Unit
  • Equation
  • IPCC Worksheet
  • Source of data
  • Technical reference
  • Abstract in English
  • Uncertainty lower
  • Uncertainty upper
  • Data quality
  • Data quality reference
  • Other info on data quality
  • Comments from the data provider
  • Comments from others
  • Data provider
  • Link

See Also

  • The database can be queried over the internet at IPCC Links
  • Local server (Python based) Equinox