Data Attribute

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Data Attribute is any general characteristic or property that can be associated with a specific collection of data. Explicitly defined data attributes provide context that guides on the further use of data and can be considered as a type of Metadata.


  • Precision (Numerical Accuracy)
  • Data Type (Integer, Floating Point etc)
  • Scaling (Orders of Magnitude)
  • Unit (Measurement Unit: Currency, Kg etc)
  • Temporality. The temporal nature of the data (refering to historical, current or future states)
  • Variability. The static or dynamic (changing nature of data)
  • Duration. Temporal validity and/or association with a Time Point or Time Period etc
  • Statistical Type. The nature of a dataset from a distributional perspective as defined by its range (Numerical Variable, Categorical Variable)
  • Provenance (Ownership, As-Of Date)
  • Confidentiality. The ability to disclose given data to various parties.
  • Importance. The relevance of a datum in a given context. Helps determine the impact of Missing Data
  • Concept / Meaning (E.g. In the context of a business domain, semantic ontology)
  • References (Links to authoritative sources)
  • Relationships (Links to other data points)

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