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This category sets out a complete range of concepts about time. The core of the category is based on the core concepts of instant and interval in the W3C Time category, while the scope and extent of the concepts are based on those concepts reflected in the FpML standard for time, calendar and schedule terms. This is a conceptual category and as such it makes a clear distinction between kinds of time and kinds of measurement or statement about time in calendars or data. The Release category FinancialDates provides a more pragmatic and data friendly reflection of most of the concepts included in this Time category, for example by focusing on calendar and data statements about time as distinct from time itself. Properties that refer to concepts in this category are to be moved over to the corresponding concepts in that category, adding further concepts from this one where necessary. On completion of that work, this category may be deprecated. In the meantime parts of it may be deprecated when they are no longer referred to or were never referred to.

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