CPV Group 22-4 - Stamps, Cheque Forms, Banknotes, Stock Certificates, Trade Advertising Material, Catalogues And Manuals

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The Common Procurement Vocabulary Group 22-4 concerns stamps, cheque forms, banknotes, stock certificates, trade advertising material, catalogues and manuals.


This CPV Group contains the following CPV Classes:

Class Code Description
CPV Class 22-4-1 Stamps
CPV Class 22-4-2 Stamp-impressed paper
CPV Class 22-4-3 Banknotes
CPV Class 22-4-4 Cheque forms
CPV Class 22-4-5 Security-type printed matter
CPV Class 22-4-6 Trade-advertising material, commercial catalogues and manuals
CPV Class 22-4-7 Manuals