CPV Division 44 - Construction Structures And Materials; Auxiliary Products To Construction Except Electric Apparatus

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The Common Procurement Vocabulary Division 44 concerns construction structures and materials; auxiliary products to construction (except electric apparatus).


This CPV Division contains the following CPV Groups:

Group Code Description
CPV Group 44-1 Construction materials and associated items
CPV Group 44-2 Structural products
CPV Group 44-3 Cable, wire and related products
CPV Group 44-4 Miscellaneous fabricated products and related items
CPV Group 44-5 Tools, locks, keys, hinges, fasteners, chain and springs
CPV Group 44-6 Tanks, reservoirs and containers; central-heating radiators and boilers
CPV Group 44-8 Paints, varnishes and mastics
CPV Group 44-9 Stone for construction, limestone, gypsum and slate

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