CPV Class 45-2-4 - Construction Work For Water Projects

From Open Risk Manual


The Common Procurement Vocabulary Class 45-2-4 concerns construction work for water projects.


This CPV Class contains the following CPV Categories:

Category Code Description
CPV Category 45-2-4-1 Harbour construction works
CPV Category 45-2-4-2 Waterside leisure facilities construction work
CPV Category 45-2-4-3 Coastal-defence works
CPV Category 45-2-4-4 Marine construction works
CPV Category 45-2-4-5 Dredging and pumping works for water treatment plant installations
CPV Category 45-2-4-6 River regulation and flood control works
CPV Category 45-2-4-7 Construction work for dams, canals, irrigation channels and aqueducts
CPV Category 45-2-4-8 Construction work for hydro-mechanical structures