CPV Class 33-6-1 - Medicinal Products For The Alimentary Tract And Metabolism

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The Common Procurement Vocabulary Class 33-6-1 concerns medicinal products for the alimentary tract and metabolism.


This CPV Class contains the following CPV Categories:

Category Code Description
CPV Category 33-6-1-1 Medicinal products for acid related disorders
CPV Category 33-6-1-2 Medicinal products for functional gastrointestinal disorders
CPV Category 33-6-1-3 Laxatives
CPV Category 33-6-1-4 Antidiarrhoeals, intestinal anti-inflammatory/anti-infective agents
CPV Category 33-6-1-5 Medicinal products used in diabetes
CPV Category 33-6-1-6 Vitamins
CPV Category 33-6-1-7 Mineral supplements