CPV Class 33-1-5 - Radiotherapy, Mechanotherapy, Electrotherapy And Physical Therapy Devices

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The Common Procurement Vocabulary Class 33-1-5 concerns radiotherapy, mechanotherapy, electrotherapy and physical therapy devices.


This CPV Class contains the following CPV Categories:

Category Code Description
CPV Category 33-1-5-1 Radiotherapy devices and supplies
CPV Category 33-1-5-2 Incubators
CPV Category 33-1-5-3 Lithotripter
CPV Category 33-1-5-4 Mechanotherapy devices
CPV Category 33-1-5-5 Physical therapy devices
CPV Category 33-1-5-6 Psychology testing devices
CPV Category 33-1-5-7 Gas-therapy and respiratory devices
CPV Category 33-1-5-8 Electrical, electromagnetic and mechanical treatment
CPV Category 33-1-5-9 Clinical chemistry system