CPV Category 92-3-1-2 - Artistic Services

From Open Risk Manual


The Common Procurement Vocabulary Category 92-3-1-2 concerns artistic services.


This CPV Category contains the following CPV Sub-Categories:

Sub-Category Code Description
CPV Sub-Category 92-3-1-2-100 Theatrical producers', singer groups', bands' and orchestras' entertainment services
CPV Sub-Category 92-3-1-2-110 Theatrical producer entertainment services
CPV Sub-Category 92-3-1-2-120 Singer group entertainment services
CPV Sub-Category 92-3-1-2-130 Band entertainment services
CPV Sub-Category 92-3-1-2-140 Orchestral entertainment services
CPV Sub-Category 92-3-1-2-200 Services provided by authors, composers, sculptors, entertainers and other individual artists
CPV Sub-Category 92-3-1-2-210 Services provided by authors
CPV Sub-Category 92-3-1-2-211 Writing agency services
CPV Sub-Category 92-3-1-2-212 Services related to the preparation of training manuals
CPV Sub-Category 92-3-1-2-213 Technical author services
CPV Sub-Category 92-3-1-2-220 Services provided by composers
CPV Sub-Category 92-3-1-2-230 Services provided by sculptors
CPV Sub-Category 92-3-1-2-240 Services provided by entertainers
CPV Sub-Category 92-3-1-2-250 Services provided by individual artists
CPV Sub-Category 92-3-1-2-251 Disk-jockey services