CPV Category 42-9-9-1 - Paper, Printing And Bookbinding Machinery And Parts

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The Common Procurement Vocabulary Category 42-9-9-1 concerns paper, printing and bookbinding machinery and parts.


This CPV Category contains the following CPV Sub-Categories:

Sub-Category Code Description
CPV Sub-Category 42-9-9-1-100 Bookbinding machinery
CPV Sub-Category 42-9-9-1-110 Book-sewing machinery
CPV Sub-Category 42-9-9-1-200 Printing machinery
CPV Sub-Category 42-9-9-1-210 Offset printing machinery
CPV Sub-Category 42-9-9-1-220 Typesetting machinery
CPV Sub-Category 42-9-9-1-230 Ticket printers
CPV Sub-Category 42-9-9-1-300 Photocomposing system
CPV Sub-Category 42-9-9-1-400 Dryers for wood, paper pulp, paper or paperboard
CPV Sub-Category 42-9-9-1-500 Parts of printing or bookbinding machinery