Basics Of Pension Planning

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Basics Of Pension Planning. In the context of the Financial Competence Framework, Basics Of Pension Planning is a topic in the Planning And Managing Finances subject matter domain.[1]


Mastering the role of Basics Of Pension Planning in financial literacy context requires the following competences:

Code Competency Description Competency Type
249 Understands why it is important to consider ways of ensuring financial security beyond working age and start saving for retirement from a young age Knowledge
250 Makes plans to achieve financial security beyond working age Skill
251 Takes into account all likely relevant resources and commitments when planning for retirement Skill
252 Confident to plan for retirement Attitude
253 Appreciates the importance of balancing current standard of living and spending choices with goal of achieving improved financial choices later in life Attitude


  1. European Union/OECD (2022), Financial competence framework for adults in the European Union