The Open Risk Data functionality of the Open Risk Manual is in still in active development!

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Open Risk Data: An Open Online Database for Risk Managers

Open Risk Data is a new facility that aims to collect and made available online open source / public domain / creative commons licensed data sets that are relevant for risk management purposes

Motivation and Objective

The motivation for Open Risk Data is the observation that many major risk events have significant amounts of public information available about them. This is information that can be collected and structured so as to form the basis for further analysis.

Open Risk Data is a structured data repository for select types of Risk Data. It supports the Open Risk Manual in the collection and dissemination of resources relevant for risk management.

Getting started

Querying Data

  • Simple Manual Search using keywords is via the Search Bar at the top of the page
  • Search items by title (forthcoming)
  • Via the API Example
  • SPARQL API (forthcoming)

Inserting Data

The manual data entry interface has two forms for creating items and properties respectively:

Programmatic insertion of data is on the roadmap building on mediawiki/wikidata tools

Data Models and Datasets

This list highlights the larger groups of dataset available as Open Risk Data (in reverse chronological order of first insertion)

The specific data models used to capture the above datasets


Open Risk Data is based on Wikibase. Wikibase is a powerful, flexible and customizable open source knowledge base software that drives Wikidata. Wikidata acts as the central storage for the structured data of its Wikimedia sister projects including Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wiktionary, Wikisource, and others.

Wikibase's data export options include JSON, RDF/XML, N3, YAML and more and it provides a powerful query interface using SPARQL for both local and federated queries (with updates on changes), extending the potential data available from a single node to thousands. NB: This functionality is not yet implemented in Open Risk Data (upcoming)

A growing number of open databases participate in the wikidata universe as federated endpoints


There is a growing list of wikibase instances around the world (besides the initial Wikidata instance itself). An official list is available here (as a query). The objective is that Open Risk Data will become a golden source for structured risk data information as part of the Open Data ecosystem