How to become a Contributor to the Risk Manual

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  • First, make sure you understand the objectives and mode of operation of the Open Risk Manual. Most importantly that you agree to release any contributions under a Creative Commons License
  • Request a Risk Manual account!
  • If for whatever reason the self-registration does not work, send us an email to info at openrisk dot eu with your desired username / nickname. We will send you back confirmation of the account and a temporary password which you should change after your first login
  • Log in by clicking on the upper right corner and entering your credentials
  • Create your Author profile, see an example here
  • Read the editing instructions
  • Start a new article using (if appropriate) the manual template
  • Use the Discussion Pages for issues or questions related to specific page content
  • Use the Github Repository for issues or questions related to the wiki itself
  • Have fun!

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