Sustainability Labels And Standards

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Sustainability Labels And Standards. In the context of the Financial Competence Framework, Sustainability Labels And Standards is a topic in the Financial Landscape subject matter domain.[1]


Mastering the role of Sustainability Labels And Standards in financial literacy context requires the following competences:

Code Competency Description Competency Type
500 Aware of the existence and meaning of various sustainable product standards and labels Knowledge
501 Aware that in addition to standards defined in EU law, there could be standards set out in business practices, which may or may not be aligned with the standards defined in EU law Knowledge
502 Aware of the existence of the EU taxonomy for sustainable economic activities Knowledge
503 Makes informed decisions in line with one's sustainability preferences based on reliable standards and labels for financial products Skill
504 Motivated to research existing standards and labels and to understand their meaning of Attitude


  1. European Union/OECD (2022), Financial competence framework for adults in the European Union