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Risk Manual Template (Version 1.0 - May 2014). Use this text when generating new articles


This special section should always be present. It comprises of a sentence or two that defines the topic of the article. In case of synonyms use a parenthesis to indicated alternatives: (Also: AlternateName1, AlternateName2). Use bold typeface to highlight the key term.


The main body of the article (when the definition section is not sufficient).

Common sections headings (illustrative, actual selection depends on topic):

  • Use Cases / Applications
  • Calculation / Details
  • Advantages / Disadvantages
  • Alternatives


Large sections should be split into subsections for readability


Include mathematics in latex notation as follows:

  \{x^3 - x^2+2, y - 2x^2 +1, z - 3x+5\}.

which produces:

  \{x^3 - x^2+2, y - 2x^2 +1, z - 3x+5\}.

Issues and Challenges

This special section should always be present (unless really not meaningful for a certain article). The objective is to systematically highlight and make transparent the many difficulties around successful risk management


List of references (academic / other publications)

External Links

External Links should follow an number of rules:

  • abide by the OpenRisk terms of conditions of use
  • be in English
  • be reliable sources

List of links


See Also

Optional section linking to other Risk Manual entries

Relevant Academy Courses

List of Academy Courses that are related to the Article: Intro to Python

All applicable categories to which the article belongs

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