From Open Risk Manual


Pre-procurement is the first stage of the Procurement process[1] and it involves the following actions

  • Define the real needs of the organization
  • Collect market intelligence (Learning from counterparts and networks)
  • Market engagement:
    • Identify potential bidders and/or solutions
    • Build capacity in the market to meet the requirement(s)
    • Inform the design of the procurement and contract

Market Engagement Approaches

  • Publish forward procurement plan (e.g. Annual Procurement Plan)
  • Attend trade shows
  • Attend Meet the Buyer events for any interested suppliers
  • Issue a Request for Information
  • Call a ‘show-and-tell’ to allow suppliers to explain their proposed solutions
  • Meet with industry bodies
  • Meet with a group of key suppliers or a range of suppliers individually
  • Sound out the market
  • Provide a pre-tender briefing to suppliers who are interested in a contract opportunity


  1. The Procura+ Manual, A Guide to Implementing Sustainable Procurement, 3rd Edition, ICLEI