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List of Open Source Economic Models

A preliminary list of open source projects (both big and small) that are directly (or very closely) linked to the modelling of economic systems.


  • The scope includes frameworks geared towards micro or macroeconomics and econometrics but does not include purely financial or risk management oriented frameworks (for which other lists are being developed). In econometrics there are many general purpose or more specialized libraries for timeseries analysis of Timeseries Data. For brevity, the focus is on those that are intrinsically linked to economic concepts.
  • Any programming language or system is acceptable, provided the source is released under an open source license (or possibly placed in the public domain)
  • Ideally the list should include active and supported projects (or at least indicate which ones are active)
  • Ideally the list should distinguish between script collections (e.g. supporting academic courses) from frameworks / packages / libraries

NB: This list of Open Source Economic Models is provided as-is without any implied endorsement or validation of the suitability, originality, accuracy or completeness of said resources for any purpose.

Open Source Economic Models
1. Name 2. Description 3. Language 4. URL
ESGtoolkit Tools for Economic Scenario Generation R github
GVARX Estimation and inference of stationary Global Vector Autoregression models R CRAN
QuantEcon Open source code for quantitative economic modeling Python, Julia github
GaR IMF Growth at Risk Model Python, Excel github
GVAR Global VAR modeling matlab Sourceforge
pyeconomics Code for a computational economics course python github
dolo Dolo is a tool to describe and solve economic models python github
Minsky System dynamics program with additional features for economics matlab Sourceforge
SFC_models Stock-Flow Consistent (SFC) models in Python python github
JuliaEconomics Tutorial Scripts for Julia github

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