Market Risk Controller

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A Market Risk Controller is a Risk Management function that actively assesses market risk and approves of market risk exposures within a firm.

The role is a control function, with the more analytic aspects of market risk management being termed the Market Risk Analyst function.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Establish / maintain market risk management systems including a Limit Framework
  • Monitoring and manage market risk exposure in line with organization Risk Appetite


Description of the abilities, proficiencies, know-hows, skills the a person must possess in order to carry out the risk management responsibilities

  • Business Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • General Skills (Linguistic)

Seniority Level

Indication as to whether the function is formally segmented into seniority levels (e.g. junior, senior) that have material skill / experience requirements and are not simply organizational arrangements.


Experience denotes the intangible qualities acquired by a person in the process of having performed certain functions in the past

  • Required experience in related business models
  • General work experience


Education denotes any formal and long duration training that is considered an important prerequisite for a role

  • Educational level, e.g., university or college degree
  • Subject matter of studies / Specialization
  • Educational institution


Qualifications are formal certifications that a person fulfills some professional requirements

  • Certifications
  • Accreditations
  • Admittance to professional societies etc.

Semantic Data

  • The ESCO Code to which this job best corresponds to (as the most detailed leaf of the tree)

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