GHG Project

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A GHG Project is any specific activity or set of activities intended to[1]

  • reduce GHG Emissions
  • increase the storage of carbon, or
  • enhance GHG removals from the atmosphere.

The changes in GHG emissions, removals or storage are called GHG Project Effects. A GHG project may be a stand-alone project or a component of a larger non-GHG project, and may be comprised of one or more project activities.

GHG Project Types

  • Wind Power Project
  • Solar Energy Project
  • Energy Efficiency Project
  • Transportation Fuel Project Project
  • Industrial Fuel Switch Project
  • Afforestation Project
  • Forest Management Project
  • Agricultural Project Tillage
  • Landfill Gas (LFG) Project


  1. The GHG Protocol for Project Accounting, 2005