GHG Emissions Double Counting

From Open Risk Manual


GHG Emissions Double Counting occurs when GHG Emissions (either generated, avoided, or removed) are counted more than once in a GHG Inventory or toward attaining mitigation pledges or financial pledges for the purpose of mitigating climate change. As defined in[1]

When two or more companies hold interests in the same joint operation and use different consolidation approaches (e.g., Company A follows the equity share approach while Company B uses the financial control approach), emissions from that joint operation could be double counted. This may not matter for voluntary corporate public reporting as long as there is adequate disclosure from the company on its consolidation approach. However, double counting of emissions needs to be avoided in trading schemes and certain mandatory government reporting programs.


  • Companies should take care to identify and exclude from reporting any scope 2 or scope 3 emissions that are also reported as scope 1 emissions by other facilities, business units, or companies included in the emissions inventory consolidation


  1. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol, A corporate accounting and reporting standard, Revised Edition 2008