ESMA Automobile.Exposures.New Obligor Identifier

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Definition of ESMA Automobile.Exposures.New Obligor Identifier

ESMA Automobile.Exposures.New Obligor Identifier

  • Member of Table: ESMA Automobile Exposures Table
  • ESMA Field Index: AUTL5


If the original identifier in field AUTL4 cannot be maintained in this field enter the new identifier here. If there has been no change in the identifier, enter the same identifier as in AUTL4. The reporting entity shall not amend this unique identifier.

Field Characteristics


The field type / format is: ALPHANUM-1000

No Data Options

  • The field cannot be empty under data options ND1-ND4
  • The field cannot be empty under data option ND5

No Data Options Legend

Option Explanation
ND1 Data not collected as not required by the lending or underwriting criteria
ND2 Data collected on underlying exposure application but not loaded into the originator’s reporting system
ND3 Data collected on underlying exposure application but loaded onto a separate system from the originator’s reporting system
ND4 Data collected but will only be available from YYYY-MM-DD (YYYY-MM-DD shall be completed)
ND5 Not applicable


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{{#set:Availability of ND1-ND4 Option =NO|Availability of ND5 Option =NO|Field Type=ALPHANUM-1000}}