ESMA Automobile.Exposures.Deposit Amount

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Definition of ESMA Automobile.Exposures.Deposit Amount

ESMA Automobile.Exposures.Deposit Amount

  • Member of Table: ESMA Automobile Exposures Table
  • ESMA Field Index: AUTL78


The sum of all obligor amounts held by the originator or seller that are potentially off-settable against the underlying exposure balance, excluding the benefit of any national deposit compensation scheme. To prevent double-counting, this shall be capped at the lower of (1) the deposit amount, and (2) the maximum potential off-settable amount at the obligor-level (i.e. not underlying exposure-level) within the pool. Use the same currency denomination as that used for this underlying exposure. If an obligor has more than one underlying exposure outstanding in the pool, then this field shall be completed for each underlying exposure, and it is up to the discretion of the reporting entity to decide to allocate the deposit amount across each of the underlying exposure, subject to the above-mentioned cap and so long as the total entries for this field across the multiple underlying exposures adds up to the accurate amount. For example, if Obligor A has deposit balance of €100, and two underlying exposures outstanding in the pool of: underlying exposure 1 €60 and underlying exposure 2 €75. This field could be completed as either underlying exposure 1 - €60 and underlying exposure 2 - €40, or underlying exposure 1 - €25 and underlying exposure 2 €75 (i.e. the relative entries for this field in each underlying exposure is capped at €60 for underlying exposure 1 and at €75 for underlying exposure 2 and the sum of the values across underlying exposure 1 and underlying exposure 2 must equal €100).

Include the currency in which the amount is denominated, using {CURRENCYCODE_3} format.

Field Characteristics


The field type / format is: MONETARY

No Data Options

  • The field cannot be empty under data options ND1-ND4
  • The field can be empty under data option ND5

No Data Options Legend

Option Explanation
ND1 Data not collected as not required by the lending or underwriting criteria
ND2 Data collected on underlying exposure application but not loaded into the originator’s reporting system
ND3 Data collected on underlying exposure application but loaded onto a separate system from the originator’s reporting system
ND4 Data collected but will only be available from YYYY-MM-DD (YYYY-MM-DD shall be completed)
ND5 Not applicable


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{{#set:Availability of ND1-ND4 Option =NO|Availability of ND5 Option =YES|Field Type=MONETARY}}