EECS Account

From Open Risk Manual


An EECS Account holds EECS Certificate information pertaining to an EECS Account Holder in a EECS Registration Database.

Each trader of certificates is assigned a unique account reference by their host issuing body.

The account reference shall be composed according to either (a) or (b) below. It is referenced by an Account ID token with length depending on the standard followed:

  • EECS: 9 + 1 check digit
  • GS1: 12 + 1 check digit

EECS Type Accounts

The EECS type account reference consists of the following:

  • IB_ID (2 numeric digits)
  • ( X (single ‘X’ character)
  • 6-character alphanumeric ID (0-9 and A-Z only)
  • check character at the end

A check character is a character added to the end of the Trader Account ID that validates the authenticity of the code. A simple algorithm is applied to the other digits or letters of the code which yields the check character. The last character of each of the Trader Account ID represents the check character that is calculated from the other characters using the following algorithm.

GS1 Type Accounts

The GS1 type account reference consists of the following:

  • 12 numerical characters
  • check character


  • An example of a EECS Trader Account ID is 10XRWENETJ.
  • An example of a GS1 Trader Account ID is 871686799993 8