EBA NPL.Counterparty.Industry Segment

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Definition of Counterparty / Industry Segment

Counterparty.Industry Segment: Industry in which the Corporate Counterparty mainly operates

  • EBA Field Index 3.047
  • Documentation Entry 60


"Industry Segment" is the industry in which the Corporate Counterparty mainly operates.

Field Characteristics

The field type is a Choice field, which is populated using the classification NACE codes. The following choices are available:


The field's importance for the Loan Tape is Important.

The field belongs to the EBA NPL Counterparty Table.

The field applies to 4 of the 7 EBA NPL Asset Classes. It does not apply to Residential Real Estate Loans, Unsecured Loans, Auto Loans,

The field applies to borrower type: Corporate.

The field is Not Confidential


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