Data Maintenance Requirements

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In the context of regulated entities using quantitative / machine learning approaches for significant internal and/or external processes and reporting, Data Maintenance Requirements refers to the legally required minimum standards around IT systems and process to ensure compliance

ECB TRIM Requirements for the management of IRB data

A firm's systems for the management and rating of credit risk exposures must be sound and implemented with integrity. In particular, the institution must collect and store all relevant data to provide effective support to its credit risk measurement and management processes. In order to comply with these requirements, institutions should deploy robust, well-documented and adequately tested information technology (IT) systems, together with sound data management practices.

The requirements are grouped along three elements[1]:

  1. IT systems: infrastructure and implementation testing;
  2. Policies, Roles and Responsibilities in Data Processing and Data Quality management;
  3. Components of the data quality management framework


  1. ECB guide to internal models − Credit risk, Sep 2018

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