Currency Identifier

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Currency Identifier. The trigraph representing a Currency


  • The first (left-most) two characters of the currency identifier provide a code unique to the currency authority to which it is assigned. Wherever practicable, it is derived from the geographical location of the currency authority, as described in ISO 3166.
  • The third (right-most) character of the identifier (alphabetic code) is an indicator, preferably mnemonic, derived from the name of the major currency unit or fund.
  • Where the currency is not associated with a single geographical entity as described in ISO 3166-1, a specially allocated identifier (alpha-2 code) will be used to describe the currency authority. This code will be allocated by the Maintenance Agency from within the user-assigned range of codes XA to XZ specified in 8.1.3 of ISO 3166-1:1997. * The character following X will be a mnemonic, where possible, derived from the name of the geographical area concerned.


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