Baseline Technology Candidates

From Open Risk Manual


Baseline Technology Candidates are alternative technologies or practices, within a specified geographic area and temporal range, that could provide the same product or service as a project activity. [1]

The identification of baseline candidates is required to estimate the Baseline Emissions for the GHG Project Activity.

For each project activity, the project developer shall develop a complete list of baseline candidates that will be used in the baseline procedures to represent possible alternatives to the project activity. The following steps are required:

  • Define the product or service provided by the project activity.
  • Identify possible types of baseline candidates. Possible baseline candidates can be identified by thinking broadly about the different alternatives that have a comparable product or service to the project activity.
  • Define and justify the geographic area and the temporal range used to identify baseline candidates.
  • Define and justify any other criteria used to identify baseline candidates.
  • Identify a final list of baseline candidates.
  • Identify baseline candidates that are representative of common practice (for the project-specific baseline procedure).


  1. The GHG Protocol for Project Accounting, 2005