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BCBS 132 is a document published by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision on September 2006 in the History category.


Report on International Developments in Banking Supervision: Report No 15.


This is the fifteenth in a series of biennial reports on international developments in banking supervision prepared and distributed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in cooperation with other international groups of supervisors. The report aims to brief bank supervisors of international supervisory developments in advance of the biennial International Conference of Banking Supervisors (ICBS). The fourteenth conference is to be held in Mrida, Mexico on 4 and 5 October 2006.

The report is mainly devoted to providing an overview of the work of the Basel Committee and other international groups of banking supervisors since the thirteenth ICBS in Madrid in September 2004. Commentary on the work of the Basel Committee over the past two years is provided in Chapter II. Chapter III presents a summary of the results of a recent Quantitative Impact Study (QIS 5) which was designed to evaluate the effects of the Basel II Framework in comparison with the current capital standards established in 1988. Chapter IV contains details of the Basel Committee's publications and website. The work of the FSI is discussed in Chapter V, while Chapter VI describes the work of the regional supervisory groups. Contact information for the International Groups of Supervisors can be found in the Appendix.

For the first time, this report is being made available to a wider public through its posting on the BIS website.

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  • Publication Date: September 2006
  • Publication Type: Other
  • Publication Status: Superseded
  • Publication Category: History
  • Number of Pages: 84
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