Audit Committee

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The Audit Committee is an internal committee that is required for systemically important banks and generally advisable for all banks.

The Audit committee is responsible, among other things, for:

  • the Financial Reporting process;
  • providing oversight of and interacting with the bank’s internal and external auditors;
  • approving, or recommending to the board or shareholders for their approval, the appointment, compensation and dismissal of external auditors;
  • reviewing and approving the audit scope and frequency

Regulatory Requirements

For banks of large size, risk profile or complexity it is strongly advised. For other banks it remains strongly recommended.

  • It is required to be distinct from other committees.
  • Should have a chair who is independent and is not the chair of the board or any other committee.
  • Should be made up entirely of independent or non-executive board members.
  • Should include members who have experience in audit practices and Financial Literacy at banks.

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