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Arbitrage CDO. Arbitrage CDO/CLO/CBO - the reference assets are bought by a firm or conduit or SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) with a view to repackage them and sell them on as the structured product.

Issues and Challenges

Arbitrage deals are motivated by the opportunity to add value by repackaging collateral into tranches. This is the same motivation for most CMOs. In finance, the law of one price suggests that the securities of a CDO should have the same market value as its underlying collateral. In practice, this is often not the case. Accordingly, a CDO can represent a theoretical arbitrage. april 28 note: Does this have meaning for Cash CDO? Are these always? Arbitrage is there to exploit market inefficiencies. Would there not be some arbitrage exploited in the CDO. The definition here implies cash CDO only. not cler to reviewers what the ditinctio nis and whether these are mutually excluive. On eview is that the arb CDO has cash inflorws different to cash outflows, e.g. 9.5% v 9% with the 50bp taken as fees. So that might be Arb CDO. There is another type we hav emissed: like an arb CDO where there is instead a spread between in/out as above, you have instead a MArket Value CDO, where its base don the market value of the deal. Not clear how you are supposed to realized that value. you are supposed to realize the xxxx of securities .Seen both referred to. So is arb a risk management tool.


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