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Analytic Models (also Analytic Solutions) are mathematical models that can be expressed in succinct notation using well known mathematical functions / formulas (Also Closed Form Models or simply Formulas). Several areas of risk management have developed analytic models to assist with Risk Measurement


A list of advantages of an analytic model includes:

  • immediate oversight of model content, the role of model parameters etc
  • availability of powerful mathematical tools to analyse the model structure (e.g. perturbation theory)
  • relatively easy implementation in widely available platforms (e.g. spreadsheets)
  • fast execution (supported by the existence of optimized implementations of well known functions)


Issues and Challenges

  • Realistic problems tend not be "analytically" tractable, which prompts alternative methods such as semi-analytic models, Simulation Models or Economic Scenario Generator based approaches
  • Analytic approaches may potentially sacrifice significant features (fidelity) in the pursuit of tractability

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