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AQR Manual

The Asset Quality Review Manual (Phase 2) is a methodology document published by the European Central Bank on March 2014. The ECB performed a comprehensive assessment prior to assuming full responsibility for supervision under the single supervisory mechanism in November 2014.

The asset quality review (Asset Quality Review) is one of the components of the comprehensive assessment, which aims to enhance the transparency of bank exposures by reviewing the quality of banks’ assets, including the adequacy of asset and collateral valuation and related provisions.

The AQR Phase 2 Manual has been written for the national competent authorities (NCAs - national regulators) and their third party support to provide the information necessary to execute Phase 2 of the Asset Quality Review (AQR). Phase 2 of the AQR began in full following the completion of the portfolio selection in mid-February 2014. This manual provides the detailed methodology for the exercise.

Open Risk developed and put in the public domain an online (wiki) version of the published PDF file which aims to facilitate the use and understanding of the manual by the wider community. The wiki is free to use to any registered user (User registration is required to limit spamming and site abuse.)

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