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Risk Manager is a generic job description for anybody within an Organization that has formally, as part of their role and responsibility some Risk Management related activity.

Alternate Name

  • Risk Officer

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of a risk manager vary significantly depending on the organization they work in, the Risk Type (or types) that under their mandate, the seniority level etc.


Specific risk manager skills may include

  • Business Skills - understanding of the business domain
  • Technical Skills - probabilistic and statistical concepts

Seniority Level

Risk managers may be appointed at various levels. In the financial industry the profile of risk managers has been significantly raised since the financial crisis


Experience is considered a significant asset for risk managers (in particular more senior roles) as the


Risk management is not a formal educational path. It is generally a post-graduate specialization


There are several commercial qualification schemes

Semantic Data

  • The ESCO Code to which this job best corresponds to (as the most detailed leaf of the tree)

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