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EBA NPL.Counterparty.Correspondence address of appointed insolvency practitioner +Geospatial Information  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Counterparty Group Identifier +Identification  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Counterparty Identifier +Identification  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Counterparty Role +Legal Structure  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Counterparty deceased +Legal Structure  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Country of Registered Location +Geospatial Information  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Country of Residence +Geospatial Information  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Cross Collateralisation for Counterparty +Legal Structure  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Cross Default for Counterparty +Legal Structure  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Currency of Annual Income +Financials  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Currency of Deposit +Product Data  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Currency of Financial Statements +Financials  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Current Assets +Financials  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Current External Credit Rating +Credit Data  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Current External Credit Scoring +Credit Data  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Current Internal Credit Rating +Credit Data  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Date of Appointment +Event Timeline  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Date of Birth +Identification  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Date of External Demand Issuance +Event Timeline  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Date of Incorporation +Event Timeline  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Date of Internal Demand Issuance +Event Timeline  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Date of Last Contact +Event Timeline  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Date of Latest Annual Financial Statements +Event Timeline  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Date of Obtaining Order for Possession +Event Timeline  +
EBA NPL.Counterparty.Date of Verification for Personal Details +Event Timeline  +