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List of Open Risk Academy Courses

General Courses

  • Getting Started with the Open Risk Academy
  • Academy CrashProgram Demo
  • The Periodic Table of Risk Elements
  • Risk Management Questions and Answers
  • The Shortest Possible Course on Risk Management
  • Getting Started with Open Source

Data Science

  • Exploratory Risk Data Analysis using Pandas, Seaborn and Statsmodels
  • Introduction to Risk Data Review

Risk Modeling using Python

  • Analysis of Credit Migration using Python TransitionMatrix
  • Loan Level Templates Using Python
  • Managing Loan Portfolios Using MongoDB
  • Concentration Measurement using Python

Credit Concentration Courses

  • Introduction to Credit Concentration
  • Basel on Credit Concentration Risk
  • Credit Concentration in the UK Pillar II
  • Measuring Name Concentrations
  • Measuring Sector Concentrations

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