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The Open Risk Manual is an open online repository of information about risk management in all its forms. The Manual is developed and maintained by Open Risk. Our objective is to create a comprehensive, detailed, authoritative collection of risk management resources that are easily accessible by anybody, anywhere - well, network access is currently required! You can read more about the Open Risk Manual concept here.

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Latest Updates

Open Risk Academy Courses

Follow up with more in-depth exploration of topics at the Open Risk Academy. The following is the catalog of available courses (open and free - self registration required).

General Courses Risk Modeling using Python
Risk Management Credit Concentration Courses
General Data Science Banking Regulation

Featured Categories

The tables below organize some of the currently available risk manual articles in a convenient set of categories. Keep in mind that an article can appear in several categories (and there are many more categories than those in the tables). Would you like to recommend a new category? Use the feedback button at the bottom of the page!


These categories focus on new developments such as new markets, new products or emerging risks linked to the sustainability transition

European Finance

Climate-Related Risk

Sustainable Finance

Open Source

Open Data

Supply Chain Finance

Credit Portfolio Management

The Credit Portfolio Management category covers all things credit. From the assessment of credit risk, the functioning and setup of firms granting credit to the relevant regulation and accounting standards.

Credit Portfolio Management

Credit Scoring


Credit Networks

EBA Templates


ESMA Templates

Interest Rate Risk


Credit Origination

Credit Risk

FIBO Taxonomy

Information Technology and Quantitative Tools

IT and Quantitative tools are indispensable in risk management and this collection of articles aims to make it easy to review the state-of-the-art in each area

Quantitative Risk Management

Quantitative Tools

Model Risk


General Risk Management and Regulation

General topics that touch all aspects of risk management

Risk Management


Market Risk

Business Risk

Operational Risk

How To's

X versus Y

Historical Events


Risk Management Jobs

Further Open Risk Resources

Open Risk Data Open Risk Surveys
Risk Management Ontologies Open Source Tools
Open Risk Dashboard Open Risk Blog Posts
Open Risk White Papers

Offline Functionality

We are rolling out a new feature that aims to support offline availability of some of the Open Risk Manual content. The approach is to generate PDF files from a selection of entries. First examples are available from the

The collection of such "pdf books" is also be available on a dedicated github repository. NB: The present collection is experimental and limited in both scope and presentation.

Graphical Browsers

Besides searching for articles by keyword, the Open Risk Manual offers a number of options to browse using visual category trees